Cartosat-2, which aided urban planning for over a decade, was brought down

Syllabus: GS-III

Subject: Science & Technology

Topic: Space Technology

Issue: Cartosat-2

Context: Cartosat-2, ISRO’s high-resolution imaging satellite for urban planning, deorbited after 17 years.


  • It provided high-resolution images for urban planning until 2019.
  • Initially estimated 30-year natural de-orbiting, but perigee lowered to 130 km in 2020 for safe disposal.
  • Coordinated de-orbiting exercise by the ISRO team in Bengaluru to reduce collision risks.
Cartosat satellites

·         It are utilized for earth observation, primarily for detailed mapping of the Earth’s surface using high-resolution cameras.

·         They play a crucial role in identifying alterations in natural or man-made features, as their cameras can capture continuous spot             images by scanning back and forth.


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