Permanent status

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: International Relations, Topic: Global Issues, Issue: Palestine’s UN membership

Context: The USA vetoed a resolution supporting full membership of the United Nations(UN) for Palestine.

Current status:

  • Israel became a full UN member in 1949, while Palestine remains unrecognized as a full member.
  • Despite gaining permanent observer status in 2012 and temporary powers of a full member in 2019, Palestine has not yet achieved full UN recognition.

Why full membership is being opposed:

  • The U.S. advocates for Palestinian statehood through direct negotiations, not through the UN process.
  • Israel opposes granting Palestine full membership, citing recent terror attacks by Hamas.

The way ahead:

  • Granting Palestine UN membership would subject it to UN obligations and give it a stronger voice on the global stage.
  • Conflating Palestinians with Hamas’s actions is deemed unjust and further marginalizes victims of violence.
  • Upholding the principle of sovereign equality for all nations is essential for international cooperation and order.
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