Scaling up TB care

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: Society and social justice, Topic: Social Sector- Health, Issue: Private sector role in TB Care

Private sector role in Tuberculosis (TB) Care:

  • The private health sector delivers over 80% of initial primary care in India, highlighting its crucial role in healthcare delivery.
  • The Public Private Interface Agency and Patient Provider Support Agency serve as intermediaries between the national TB program and private healthcare providers.
  • Engaging informal healthcare providers and pharmacists enhance TB screening, referral, and treatment adherence.

The way ahead:

  • Provide incentives, administrative support to informal health service providers.
  • Establish compliance mechanisms to regulate over-the-counter drug sales and patient notification.
+1 advantage for mains(Datapoint)

In 2023, India notified a record 25.5 lakh TB patients. More than 8.4 lakh patients were notified by the private healthcare sector. This is a 21-fold increase from 2013.

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