Govt., conducting a feasibility study on integrating e-NAM with ONDC

 Syllabus: GS-III;

Subject: Economic Development;

Issue: Integration of e_NAM with ONDC.

  • Integration aims to benefit buyers, and sellers, and bolster resilience against market disruptions.
  • It could empower farmer-producer organizations (FPOs) to trade seamlessly across platforms.
  • Key contributors: mobility, food, and grocery, with expansion into fashion, and electronics.
  • Efforts to on-board SMEs, and rural sellers for inclusive economic participation.


  • Integration signifies a pivotal step in streamlining agricultural trade and advancing India’s digital economy.
Take Away Notes (Prelims)

e-NAM (Electronic National Agriculture Market):

·         Online trading platform linking Agricultural Produce Market Committees (APMC) mandi nationwide.

·         Aims to establish a unified market for agricultural commodities, facilitating electronic sales for farmers.

·         Participating states provide e-NAM software free of cost.

ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce):

·         A government initiative in India aimed at creating a unified digital commerce platform.

·         It promotes openness, interoperability, and data security while empowering MSMEs.

Its goal is to revolutionize digital commerce, fostering innovation and inclusive growth.







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