R.N. Ravi refuses to read the Governor’s address in T.N. Assembly

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: Polity

Topic: Legislature

Issue: State vs Governor

Context: The TN Governor refused to read govt’s address in the Assembly, which amounted to a Constitutional travesty’.

Articles in the News:

  • Governor’s Mandated by Article 176(1) of the Indian Constitution, the Governor addresses both houses of the Legislature at the beginning of each session after general elections and annually.
  • Discussion Procedure:
    • On the first day of discussion, a copy of the Governor’s Address is placed on the House table.
    • The Speaker, in consultation with the Business Advisory Committee, allocates time for discussing the address’s content.
    • A motion is moved by a member, seconded by another, expressing gratitude to the Governor for the Address.
    • Members engage in a general discussion on administration and matters highlighted in the Address.
    • Members have the option to propose amendments to the Motion of Thanks in a format approved by the Speaker
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