Raising judges’ retirement age could extend service of non-performers: Justice dept. to Par Panel.

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: Polity

Topic: Judiciary & Tribunals.

Issue: Retirement of judges.

Context: Report of Parliamentary Standing Committee on Law and Personnel.

The proposal to raise high court judges’ retirement age to 65 in 2010 stalled in Parliament.

Key points highlighted by the Department of Justice:

  1. Extending judges’ retirement age may prolong tenure for
  2. Risk of other sectors demanding similar age extensions.
  3. Retirement age raise should coincide with improved transparency in judicial appointments.
  4. Retirement age revision needs to address pending cases.
Retirement of Judges: ·         Currently, Supreme Court judges retire at 65, while High Court judges retire at 62.

·         District Court judges’ retirement age is determined by state governments.

·         Bills like the 114th Amendment Bill, of 2010, aim to increase the retirement age of High Court judges to 65.

·         There have also been suggestions by, the Venkatachalliah Committee, to raise the retirement age of Supreme Court judges to 68.

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