Rules of global engagement.

Syllabus: GS-II, Subject: International Relations, Topic: India and its neighborhood, Issue: Katchatheevu issue

Context: Resurfacing of Katchatheevu issue in Parliamentary election has brought the rules of global engagement at forefront

Rules of global engagement:

  • International agreements are based on information available at the time and involve compromise.
  • Good deals stand the test of time and uphold the principle of abiding by agreements.
  • Examples include India’s boundary agreements with Bangladesh and maritime boundary settlement.

Concerns with recent political dialogue on Katchatheevu Island:

  • Unilateral actions risk India’s international credibility and can strain bilateral ties.
  • Reopening pacts based on narrow political convenience sets a problematic precedent.


  • India’s responsible behavior has earned it credibility and exemptions in international forums.
  • Provocative claims like those regarding Katchatheevu could undermine goodwill and invite opportunism from China.
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