Technology industry of choice for Gen Z students: A report by Nasscom-Indeed.

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: Economy

Topic: Indices and reports

Issue: Nasscom Indeed Report.

Context: Nasscom-Indeed Report 2024.

Highlights of the Report:

DATA (For Mains)

1.          77% of Gen Z students in India express interest in the technology industry.

2.          Millennials and Gen Z constitute about 90% of the tech workforce in India.

3.          84% of organizations are exploring gig models, with startu-ps and BPM leading the trend.


The future of work hinges on balancing automation efficiency and unleashing creativity.

Institution in News:

National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM):

·                  Non-profit, Non-governmental trade association.

·                  Members: Includes organizations in software development, software services, and IT-enabled/BPO services.

·                  Includes domestic and multinational companies operating within India.

·                  Aim: Focus on ensuring high service quality standards and upholding intellectual property rightsTop of Form

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