A century later remembering vaikom satyagraha a progressive milestone

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: History-Modern, Topic: Gandhian Phase, Issue: Temple Entry movement

Context: 100 years of Vaikom Satyagraha.

Vaikom Satyagraha:

  • Began on March 30, 1924, marking the start of temple entry movements in India.
  • Led by T K Madhavan, Kelappan, K. P. Kesava Menon
  • Aimed to open temples and public roads to lower castes, challenging upper-caste hegemony.
  • Gained momentum after Madhavan secured Gandhi’s support in 1921.

Legacy of Vaikom Satyagraha

  • The Satyagraha lasted over 600 days, showcasing unity across caste lines and sustained mobilization.
  • Despite a compromise allowing only access to three roads, the movement was seen as a success, leading to the Temple Entry Proclamation in 1936.
  • It highlighted untouchability as a pressing political issue in India.
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