The blurry lines between wildlife ‘capture’ and ‘rescue’

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Environment, Ecology and Disaster Management, Topic: Biodiversity and Conservation, Issue: Biodiversity Loss

Challenges of Wildlife Rescue in India:

  • Differentiating between true wildlife rescue and mere capture is a nuanced challenge.
  • Successful capture operations require expertise and often involve animals in conflict scenarios.
  • Ignoring expert advice on capture often leads to unsuccessful outcomes and animal deaths.
  • Rescue operations can cause trauma, injuries, and stress to animals, compromising survival.
  • Viewing wildlife rescue as a solution to conflict can vilify parties and hinder conservation efforts.


  • Effective response to conflict should prioritize prevention and mitigation over capture.
  • A holistic approach integrating both human and non-human animals is essential for effective wildlife management.
+1 advantage for mains(Case study):

Karnataka Forest Department’s Approach:

●                Proactive mitigation strategies like early warning systems, monitoring, fencing, and public education are being implemented.

●                Emphasis on better waste management to reduce interactions with wildlife.

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