The Great Indian Bustard and climate action verdict

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Environment, Ecology and Disaster Management, Topic: Biodiversity and Conservation, Issue: Biodiversity Conservation

Context: Supreme Court (S.C) judgement on the protection of the Great Indian Bustard (GIB).

Key points of the S.C. judgement:

  • The Court modified the order, leaving it to scientific experts to recalibrate, setting up an expert committee for this purpose.
  • The Court recognized the existence of a right against the adverse impacts of climate change, drawing from Articles 14 and 21 of the Constitution.


  • The judgment presents biodiversity protection and climate action as competing choices.

The way ahead:

  • Utilizing the just transition framework can reconcile these choices and ensure equitable transitions to a low-carbon economy.
  • It fosters inclusive climate action sensitive to both human and non-human interests.
  • The judiciary has an opportunity to use the just transition framework to facilitate inclusive and equitable climate action.
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