UK to send navy ships to the Indian Ocean this year: Defence Secy.

Syllabus: GS-II;

Subject: International Relations

Issue: India-U. K Relations.


  • The UK Navy will deploy its Littoral Response Group to the Indian Ocean, and the Carrier Strike Group is scheduled to visit India in 2025 for joint operations and training with Indian forces.
  • This announcement follows discussions between UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps and Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, marking a significant step in bilateral security ties.
  • Both nations plan to conduct more complex military exercises, aiming for a landmark joint exercise by 2030.
  • The collaboration extends to defense industry partnerships, with a focus on electric propulsion systems and complex weapons.
  • New joint initiatives include the launch of Defense Partnership-India and agreements on logistics exchange, international cadet exchange, and defense collaboration in research and development.
  • The move underscores shared security challenges and commitment to a free and prosperous Indo-Pacific.


India & the UK Joint Military Exercises:Ajeya Warrior:

ü  Army Exercise, to enhance counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency capabilities.

ü  Ajeya Warrior is a biennial exercise that alternates between India and the UK.


ü  Naval Exercise, to Improve maritime cooperation and interoperability between the Indian Navy and the Royal Navy.

ü   Konkan is an annual naval exercise that has been conducted since 2004.

Indra Dhanush:

ü  Air Force Exercise, to enhance cooperation and understanding between the Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force.

ü  Indra Dhanush is an air force exercise that focuses on joint air combat and air mobility operations.

Exercise Information Warrior:

ü  Joint Cyber Exercise, to strengthen cyber capabilities and cooperation in dealing with cyber threats.

Exercise Cope India:

ü  Air Force Exercise to Improve combat capabilities and interoperability between the Indian Air Force and the Royal Air Force.

Conclusion: These joint exercises play a crucial role in fostering military-to-military cooperation, and building trust and understanding between the armed forces of India and the United Kingdom. They also contribute to the overall strategic partnership, addressing shared security concerns and promoting regional and global stability.

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