Centre notifies panel led by Cabinet Secretary on issues of queer community.

Syllabus: GS-II; Subject: Polity Topic: Rights issues, Issue: Rights of queer community.

Context: A Cabinet Secretary-led committee formed by the Centre to tackle queer community issues.


  • The six-member committee includes secretaries from key ministries: Home Affairs, Women and Child Development, Health and Family Welfare, Social Justice and Empowerment, and the Law Ministry.
  • In Supriyo Chakraborty v Union of India 2024, the Supreme Court declined to recognize same-sex marriage as a fundamental right.
  • The committee will outline rights for queer couples, including ration card benefits, joint bank accounts, medical next of kin status, and more.Top of Form

+1 advantage for mains (case law)

Navtej Singh Johar judgement 2018

  • Supreme Court decriminalized consensual homosexual acts, overturning parts of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.
  • Despite decriminalization, the Supreme Court refuses to recognize same-sex marriages, suggesting legislative action.
  • Transgender Persons Act of 2019 recognizes transgender rights but challenges persist for broader equality and social acceptance.Top of Form
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