Khan presents shortest policy address in Kerala Assembly

Syllabus: GS-II

Subject: Executive

Topic: Governor

Issue: Governor’s address to the state legislature

Context: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’s address to start the tenth session of the 15th Kerala Assembly.

Governor’s address:

  • As per Article 176, the Governor is mandated to address the state legislature at the commencement of
    1. the first session after each general election.
    2. the first session of each year.
  • The address generally contains
    1. Government’s achievements and performance over the preceding years.
    2. Main issues and challenges facing the state.
    3. Vision for the future and specific policies and initiatives.
  • However, the content of the address is not under governor’s discretion.
  • As per Article 163 and Supreme court’s judgement in Shamsher Singh case,the Governor is bound by the aid and advice of the council of ministers.
  • Hence, the speech is prepared by the concerned government.
Similar incidents (Mains Examples):

  1.  The 2022 budget session of the Telangana state assembly started without the customary address by governor.
  2. Recently, Tamil Nadu governor RN Ravi skipped portions of the customary address prepared by the state government.
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