Vaccine for dengue may be available commercially by mid-2026

Syllabus: GS-III ; Subject: Science & Technology (T); Topic:Medical science and Health, Issue: Vaccine for Dengue.

Context: Indian Immunological Limited, a subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board, is making significant strides in vaccine development

Vaccine Development:

  1. Vaccine potentially available commercially by mid-2026.
  2. Also developing vaccines for the Zika virus and Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD).
  3. Launched Hepatitis A vaccine, Havisure recently.

Prelims Connect

1.      Zika Virus:

●        Transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes.

●        Can cause birth defects.

●        No specific treatment or vaccine is available.

2.     Dengue:

●        Spread by Aedes mosquitoes.

●        Symptoms include fever, severe headache, and joint pain.

●        Severe cases can be life-threatening.

3.     Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD):

●        Transmitted by ticks.

●        Symptoms include fever, headache, and muscle pain.

●        Endemic in forested regions of India, particularly Karnataka.

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