Why Pakistan’s ‘piracy’ of Indian basmati rice varieties is concerning

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Science & Technology, Topic: Intellectual Property Rights, Issue: Basmati varieties

Context: Illegal cultivation of IARI’s improved basmati rice varieties in Pakistan.

Key issues:

  • Pakistan’s Super Basmati variety, similar to IARI’s PB-1, has helped it gain a significant share in the EU-UK market.
  • Poses a threat to India’s market dominance.
  • India faces challenges in West Asian markets due to Pakistan’s adoption of IARI varieties and parboiling technology.


  • India can address the issue through its Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Act 2001 and Seeds Act
  • Raising intellectual property rights violations in bilateral and WTO forums.
Prelims Connect( Specialty of IARI bred Basmati varieties)

●       Have shorter plant heights, higher yields, and shorter maturity periods compared to traditional tall basmati varieties.

●       Examples : PB-1,PB-1121,PB-6 and PB-1509

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