ASI to remove 18 ‘untraceable’ monuments from its list of protected sites

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: History-Art and Culture, Topic: Art and architecture, Issue: ASI

Context: ASI intends to remove 18 monuments from its protected list as they are deemed “untraceable” and lack national importance.

Key Highlights:

  • ASI has invoked the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958 (AMASR Act) to delist the 18 monuments.
  • Delisting of the monuments means the central agency won’t have any onus to protect them.
  • Activities related to construction and urbanisation in the area can be carried out in a regular manner.

Prelims Connect: (Institutions in news)

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

●        Established in 1861 by Alexander Cunningham.

●        Main objective is to maintain archaeological sites, ancient monuments, and national heritage remains.

●        Headquarters: New Delhi

●        Operates under the Union Ministry of Culture.

●        Functions:

➢    Regulates all archaeological activities

➢    Oversees the implementation of the Antiquities and Art Treasure Act, 1972.

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