Forests are a national asset and major contributor to financial wealth: SC.


Syllabus: GS-II; Subject: Current affairs Topic: Important supreme court judgements, Issue: Forest Conservation.

Context: Supreme Court declares Indian forests are national assets, vital for financial wealth. Top of Form


  • Controversy over Forest Conservation Act 2023 criticized for land misuse.
  • Forests vital for biodiversity, carbon capture, and climate control.
  • Indian forests valued at $120 billion, key carbon sink.
  • As per RBI’s report, Climate change could slash India’s GDP 3-10% annually by 2100.
  • Supreme Court stresses duty to safeguard forests and biodiversity.

Prelims Connect(Acts, Bills, Rules & Guidelines)

Forest (Conservation) Amendment Act, 2023:

·        Includes land declared as forest under Indian Forest Act, 1927 or similar laws.

·        Covers land notified as forest from October 25, 1980, onwards.

·        Exempts forest land along government-maintained rail lines or public roads.

Positive Takeaways:

·        Specifies areas where Act does not apply.

·        Encourages plantation on non-forest land to increase tree cover and aid in carbon sequestration.


·        Seen as diluting Supreme Court’s 1996 Godavarman case judgment.

·        Environment Ministry argues provisions guard against dilution.

·        Opposition from northeastern states over concerns of unilateral forest land allocation for defense purposes.Top of Form


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