HC says Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Act ‘unconstitutional’

Syllabus: GS-II  Subject: Polity  Topic: Legal issues Issue: Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Act, 2004

Context: The Allahabad High Court declared Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Act, 2004 unconstitutional for violating principles of secularism.

  • The act established a board of madrasa education in the state,aimed to regulate madrasas(Islamic schools) in Uttar Pradesh.

Judgement highlights:

  • The State has no power to create a board for religious education only for a particular religion and philosophy associated with it.
  • It is the duty of the state to provide education which is secular in nature, particularly to minors.

The court directed the government to take steps for accommodating these students in regular schools recognised under state education boards.

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