Poll campaigns in India must reflect climate issues

Syllabus: GS II, Subject: Polity, Topic: Elections and RPA, Issue: Climate change issue in elections.

Findings of World Meteorological Organization (WMO)’s State of the Global Climate report-2023

  • 2023 is the hottest year globally.
  • Average temperature rise from pre-industrial levels is 1.45°C, nearing the 1.5°C limit.
  • Record-breaking events – ocean temperature rise, glacier retreat Sea levels are rising
  • These events disrupt activities, including agriculture, affecting development globally.

Steps to address climate change:

  • The Paris Agreement became legally binding in 2016.
  • India has implemented initiatives such as the National Action Plan on Climate Change and the National Solar Mission to shift towards renewable energy.

The way ahead:

  • The timing of the State of the Global Climate report is opportune for political discourse.
  • Political parties should address climate change concerns and outline action plans.
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