Water level in more than half of India’s major reservoirs is below 40%

Syllabus: GS-I, Subject: Current affairs, Topic: Indices and reports, Issue: Water reserves in India

Context: The Central Water Commission(CWC) report on water level in reservoirs.


  • Reservoir Levels of more than 50% of India’s major reservoirs are below 40% capacity, with two-thirds below 50%.
  • Patchy rainfall due to El Nino has led to drought conditions and prolonged dry spells.
  • Available storage accounting for 38% of total storage capacity.


  • Strain on hydro-power dams, and delays in summer crop sowing affecting agriculture.
  • Affects agriculture production.

Prelims Connect(Institutions in news)

Central Water Commission (CWC) :

●        Established in 1945 it is the premier technical organisation in the field of Water Resources.

●        It is an attached office in the Ministry of Jal Shakti.


●        Water Quality Monitoring & Assessment

●        Planning & Appraisal of Water Resources Projects

●        Technical Assistance to States

●        Flood Control & Management

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