Sugar mills allowed to sell potash made from molasses

Syllabus: GS-III

Subject: Economy

Topic: Agriculture and allied

Issue: Potash Derived from Molasses

Context: Sugar mills can sell potash derived from molasses (PDM) to fertiliser companies.

Potash derived from molasses (PDM)

  • It is a potassium-rich fertiliser, a by-product of the sugar-based ethanol industry.
  • Distilleries produce a waste chemical called spent wash during ethanol production.
  • which is burned to produce ash.
  • This ash can be processed to produce PDM.
  • By selling PDM:
    • Sugar Mills can earn additional revenue.
    • They can also receive nutrient-based subsidies on it.

Aim: To reduce fertiliser imports.

+1 Advantage (Data points for Mains)

●       Currently India is the second-highest consumer of fertilisers after China.

●       India’s fertiliser import bill is huge.(₹2.2 trillion in 2022-23).

●       The government aims to achieve self-sufficiency in urea by 2025.

●       Fertiliser Subsidies: In 2022-23, the government spent about ₹2.55 trillion, a record high.

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