Will india experience more heatwave days this summer

Syllabus: GS-III, Subject: Environment, Ecology and Disaster Management, Topic: Disasters, Issue: Heatwaves

Context: The IMD forecasts above-normal temperatures across most of India from April to June.

Heat waves:

  • A period of unusually high temperatures, with specific thresholds defined by the IMD.
  • IMD declares a heat wave if maximum temperatures reach at least 40°C in the plains or 30°C in hilly regions, with departures of 4.5-6.4°C from normal.
  • A heat wave is also declared if actual maximum temperatures exceed 45°C, with severe heat waves above 47°C.

Factors responsible for heatwaves:

  • Climate change contributes to more frequent and lethal heat waves globally.
  • El Niño weather conditions are also influencing heat wave occurrences.


  • Significant risks to public health, agriculture, livelihoods, and disease spread.
  • Higher temperatures can cause heat stress, illness, and mortality

The way ahead:

  • The Election Commission of India has issued an advisory to manage the impact of heat waves during voting,
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